Selected Candidates for Grant-in-aid (ਉਡਾਣ)

S. No Founder Concept
1 Arpit Tinna Portable Grain Dryers
2 Hunardeep Singh Brar Apni Kheti Mobile app provides a digital platform that enables farmers to have access to right information & market linkages, at the right time, from the right sources
3 Mohit Dahiya Paddy Transplanter
4 Rajkumar Halder Utilizing waste vegetable to liquid fertilizer
5 Sameer Kumar Live Autonomous Farm Surveillance
6 Swapnil Daji Patil Automatic Sugarcane Planter, Tractor Mounted sugarcane harvester, mulching paper laying machine

Selected Candidates for Grant-in-aid (ਉੱਦਮ)

S. No Founder Concept
1 Abdul Qayoom Multipurpose Mini Apple grading machine.
2 Aditi Dwivedi Eco-friendly sanitary napkins which made up of banana fiber.
3 Amritraaj Singh Virdi Vaccuum Based Seeder

4 Jaiteshwar Singh breed and rear black soldier fly till the larvae stage and then either feed to the chickens or dry and market to the ornamental fish industry
5 Poonam Bhatia Concept of growing Se-rich mushrooms followed by development of Se-rich well being products.
6 Puneet Singh Thind Kombucha drink- a prebiotic health drink with numerous health benefits.
7 Manjit Kaur Vitamin D enriched mushroom powder based bakery and indigenous food products.

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