Lectures on Equity Funding for Startups, Debt Funding for Startups & Taxation and Regulation for Startups organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubator (PABI) at Skill development Centre on 26.9.2019
     The lectures on Equity Funding for Startups and Debt Funding for Startups were delivered by Dr. Mohit Gupta, Assistant Professor, School of Business Studies. In his lecture he discussed financing needs and sources of finance which are debt and equity. Then he explained equity funding, its formal and informal sources, bootstrapping and crowd funding in detail. Answering the questions of incubatees, he included the stages on equity investment and Legal aspects of Raising Equity Funding in India in his session. Besides this, he also shared the concept of debt funding, differences between debt and equity funding, secured and unsecured debts, tenure of debts, general characteristics and sources of debt funding, Bonds and Debentures and Leasing. While discussing Legal aspects of issuing bonds and debentures, he also introduced the incubatees with the government Incentive Schemes for the startups. The final lecture for the day was on Taxation and Regulation for Startups which was delivered by Mr. Karanjot Singh, Chartered Accountant. He began his lecture with types of entities and Financing, and then moved towards Taxation for Startups and Roles of Technology. He answered all the queries of participants and helped them to draft their detailed project report considering all the aspects of taxation and regulations. Team PABI thanked to the experts for introducing the incubatees with significant aspects of Funds and Taxation.