Lectures on Scaling Up a Startup to a Sizeable Company, Pricing of Product and Distribution & Supply Chain Management organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubator (PABI) at Skill development Centre.
     The session of 25.9.2019 has begun with the lecture of Mr. Sandeep Sudhir, Director, 18.h Consulting, in collaboration with Startup Punjab, Chandigarh, who has more than 25 years of experience in Technology domain and has worked and held country level roles with top tier technology companies like Oracle India, IBM India, Teleopti AB, HCL, RobertWalters PLC London and many more. In his interactive lecture on Scaling up a startup to a sizeable company, he discussed the challenges and business model for Indian Agribusiness. He also emphasized on the use of social networking for the expansion of business especially the most ignored one but significant in business that is linkedin. Apart from this, he also explained the Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy and its importance by focusing on People, Process and Technology Model. Furthermore, he introduced the incubatees with the mistakes to avoid when scaling. Dr. Navdeep Aggarwal, Professor, School of Business Studies was the resource person and gave lecture on Pricing of Product. He briefly explained the concepts of Cost behavior, elements of cost and type of cost with help of real life examples. Furthermore he explained Break Even Analysis in detail. Then he extended the types of pricing along with choosing the right pricing strategies to obtain the maximum profit while investing less. The final lecture for the day was on Distribution & Supply Chain Management which was delivered by Dr. Khushdeep Dharni, Professor, School of Business Studies. Initially he asked the incubatees about what they understand about this topis and then he explained the basics of Supply Chain Management like relationship of demand and supply, decision on customer and their requirements. He also discussed about how to reduce the cost of inventory. At the end of sessions Team PABI thanks to the experts for introducing the incubatees with significant aspects of business and marketing.