Lectures on Advertising and Branding of Products, Market Segmentation and Customer Identification and Online Marketing of Food Products organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubator (PABI) at Skill development Centre
     On 18.9.2019, first lecture on Advertising and Branding of Products was delivered by Dr. Sukhmani, Professor, School of Business Studies, PAU, Ludhiana. She initiated the interaction with incubatees by asking the difference between Advertisement and Advertising and then explained using appropriate examples. She discussed the characteristics and types of advertisement and also introduced the need of the hour i.e. changing the commodity driven market to branding of agricultural produce at national and international level to get the desirable output of Agriculture Sector. Besides this, the lecture included all aspects of branding of agricultural produce like brand name, key brand elements, effect of establishing brand over customers, strategies of agri branding and many more to achieve higher profit level. With the help of case study of Amul and MDH, she gave the participants a better insight of types and importance of branding. Second lecture was on the Market Segmentation and Customer Identification which was delivered by Dr. Babita Kumar, Professor, School of Business Studies, PAU, Ludhiana. She explained about Market Segmentation in detail by including levels of segmentation, steps of segmentation process, segmenting consumer and business market. She also discussed the concepts with business examples and incubatees also shared their ideas about their business market segmentation. The final lecture was delivered by Dr. Mohit Gupta, Assistant Professor, School of Business Studies, PAU, Ludhiana on Use of E-Marketing in Food Products. During his interactive session, he told the incubatees about legal licenses and certification for sole proprietorship and other types of businesses. After this, he discussed the ways to setup a business and registration with MSME. Explaining the role and importance of online selling and marketing, he interacted with the incubatees about their plans for online business and gave his inputs for E-Marketing of different products. At the end of sessions Team PABI gave a vote of thanks to the experts for enlightening the incubatees with different aspects of marketing.