Lecture on Detail Project Report, Market Management for Startup and Market Survey Tools organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubator(PABI) at Skill development Centre.
     Lecture on Detail Project Report was organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubation (PABI) under the Agripreneurhip Orientation and Incubation Programme at Skill Development Centre, PAU, Ludhiana on 17.9.2019. The lecture was delivered by Chartered Accountant Mr. Karanjot Singh Khurana, owner of I.S. Khurana & Co., who has an experience of guiding startups and is a graduate in Taxation Laws. He mentored the incubatees for developing their business plans on idea stage and seed stage in different fields. In his one-on-one interaction with the incubatees, he shared some examples and his experiences about the startups and furthermore guided them about how to prepare detailed project report and itís importance. He also demonstrated a sample project report. A session on Marketing for Startups was delivered by Dr. L.M. Kathuria, Professor, School of Business Studies. Beginning with the example of Pumpkart, Dr. Kathuria interacted with the participants about stakeholders, types of markets and customer relationships. Along with this, different aspects of marketing were covered like creating, communicating and delivering value to customers. The incubatees were also introduced with concepts like how to increase consumption by creating products according to customerís requirements and what can be marketed. Dr. L.M. Kathuria briefed marketing as an art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping and growing customers, while planning carefully and developing risk taking capacity as a successful entrepreneur. Afternoon lecture was on the Market Survey Tool which was delivered by Dr. Gagandeep Banga, Professor, School of Business Studies, PAU, Ludhiana. Dr. Banga briefed about Market Research Tools, its importance for startups and enterprises. She also discussed about market research process, role of marketing research in operations of enterprises and market opportunities and challenges. She also explained different kind of research methods and research survey of market. At the end of sessions Team PABI thanked the experts for giving their valuable time and sharing their experiences with incubatees.