Lecture on Cost Classification, Break-Even Analysis and Patent, Intellectual Property Rights and Stress Management organized by Punjab Agri Business Incubator (PABI) at Skill development Centre
     Lecture on Cost Classification, Break-Even Analysis was delivered by Dr. L.M. Kathuria under the Agripreneurhip Orientation and Incubation Programme at Skill Development Centre, PAU, Ludhiana on 9.10.2019. During his lecture, he explained the Management of resources, activities and people. He also discussed the goals and measures for perspective of financial, customers, operations and innovation. Through different examples, he introduced the incuabtees with cost management systems and analysis of cost break-even. The second lecture was on the Intellectual Property Rights which was delivered by Mrs. Divya Kaushik, Scientist, Patent Information Centre, Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, Chandigarh. She briefed about the IPR, and what are the things covered under Intellectual Property. She also explained the registration of different Intellectual properties such as company name, trademark, tagline, logo, design, prototype etc with live demonstration. In the meanwhile, the incubatees got information from the FSSI representatives on latest rules and amendments of Food Safety and Standards. Dr. T.S. Riar, Associate Director, Skill Development Centre, PAU helped the incubatees to handle stress in his lecture on stress management. He initiated the lecture by asking the meaning of stress from the participants and explained different types of stress in different aspects of life. After discussing the response mechanism and symptoms of stress, he introduced the ways to convert the negatives of stress into positive results by using stress as a motivation rather than depression. At the end of sessions Dr. Lavleesh Garg, Assistant Professor, Extension Education and Team PABI thanked the experts for giving their valuable time and sharing their experiences with incubatees.