Selected Candidates for Two Months Training Programme (ਉਡਾਣ)

S. No Founder Concept
1 Abdul Qayoom Multipurpose Mini Apple grading machine.
2 Abhishek Sinha AI, IoT and Satellite based Autonomous Irrigation
3 Ankita Garg Internet of Things (IOT) driven Decision Support System (DSS) To provide customized agricultural advisory to farmers
4 Arpit Tinna Portable Grain Dryers
5 Bhupinder Singh Sandha Honey gulkand, Honey Mango Chutney, Honey Flax seeds Pinni
6 Deepak Kumar An algae-based air purifier and a plant-based air purifier.
7 Deepali H. Jadia Innovative light weight biodegradable disposable tableware/ cutlery made out of Parali
8 Devendra Gupta Ecotron, Ecofrost & Eco-Connect, which work across the production, management, and marketing of perishable Agri commodities respectively
9 Hunardeep Singh Brar Apni Kheti Mobile app provides a digital platform that enables farmers to have access to right information & market linkages, at the right time, from the right sources
10 Ishu Bindal Plant-based Whole Egg
11 Jagtar Singh Klair Utilization of Bee pollen to develop functional milk powder
12 Manasa Yeddula F&V packaging - just by introducing the cover, the shelf life is considerably increased with 0% weight loss.
13 Manjit Kaur Vitamin D enriched mushroom powder based bakery and indigenous food products.
14 Mohit Dahiya Paddy Transplanter
15 Neerja Gaur Mittal Handmade natural chemical free skincare products based on Honey and Cordyceps Militaris.
16 Rahul Sachdeva Ozone Gas technology based products and solutions
17 Rajkumar Halder Utilizing waste vegetable to liquid fertilizer
18 Rohit Kapila Innovative jaggery manufacturing process
19 Sameer Kumar Live Autonomous Farm Surveillance
20 Sarwan Singh Chandi Diversified Agriculture, honey processing and training to youth for employment
21 Sat Kumar Satyukt: intelligent near real-time crop advisory solution
22 Shahnaz Shaikh BraveHawk-Artificial Intelligent Pest Management Technology
23 Sneha Bhardwaj GrowWell-L (Advance Vermi Wash Liquid): a liquid organic manure that contains lots of macro and micro nutrient.
24 Swapnil Daji Patil Automatic Sugarcane Planter, Tractor Mounted sugarcane harvester, mulching paper laying machine
25 Ujjwal Bassi App for Organic Agri Supply Chain

Selected Candidates for Two Months Training Programme (ਉੱਦਮ)

S. No Founder Concept
1 Aditi Dwivedi Eco-friendly sanitary napkins which made up of banana fiber.
2 Amritraaj Singh Virdi Vaccuum Based Seeder

3 Aruna Rani Seed Capsule (One step solution of nutrients for cotton and other sheub plants)
4 Chaitanya Gadre A robotic system for greenhouse automation
5 Deepak Singh Biogas-based Power generator from Agriculture waste
6 Divyanshi BIO TEX is converting the food waste that is generally not used and thrown into bio-fibre using a natural process
7 Jais Jose Bottom to top level Inclusive wealth model for climate change mitigation
8 Jaiteshwar Singh breed and rear black soldier fly till the larvae stage and then either feed to the chickens or dry and market to the ornamental fish industry
9 Malwinder Singh Kissan fresh is a unique startup for certified organic products
10 Navjot Kaur Tree Replanter- Machine to root the trees from their place and can replant it on other place
11 Neha Weeder with cultivator types and plow-type blades which will rotate around the trunk of a tree or plant and removes weeds all over and make a deep place for watering the same.
12 Nitin Krishnan scientifically produce indigenous vinegar from various native crops such as sugarcane, coconut, tomato, guava, pineapple etc.
13 Paramjit Singh Multi-Grain Pasta
14 Poonam Bhatia Concept of growing Se-rich mushrooms followed by development of Se-rich well being products.
15 Puneet Singh Thind Kombucha drink- a prebiotic health drink with numerous health benefits.
16 Ravineet Yadav BioCNG production from organic solid waste
17 Vandana Singla farmeasy app- Digital Agri Management & Marketing
18 Yogesh Gupta Tissue culture and Aeroponic Unit.

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